Frequently asked questions

MIB coin is a coin based on the SmartX blockchain platform that is specialized in mobile devices.

With 'Smart Mining', it reduces the power consumption by about 15,000% compared to the existing method by significantly lowering the high power consumption, which is a critical issue in mining. Therefore, it reduces the cost of maintaining the blockchain and the social cost.

Through this, it aims at decentralizing the mining by enabling areas where power generation is not enough such as Central Asia, Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia to participate in mining.

MIB Coin will grow into a real cryptocurrency used by people around the world as the means of exchange, payment, saving, value evaluation function and communication of hard currency.

A specialized mining technique using high performance and high efficiency mining equipment (ASIC & GPU) was generalized in the first mining method using PCs.

It refers to a method of mining MIB Coin using smartphones in a new crypto currency mobile platform based on the mobile which everyone is using and possessing these days, thereby avoiding excessive energy consumption caused by these types of equipment.

MIB is a coin. It is a blockchain system based on SmartX platform. You can acquire coins by POW style mining based on its own blockchain system and nodes.

MIB Coin can be exchanged with ETH (Ethereum).

When you send Ethereum to a specified wallet address, the transferred volume will be verified and MIB Coin will be issued according to the received order.

The MIB exchange is complete when transferring Ethereum from a buyer’s ETH (Ethereum) Wallet to (MIB Website) My Eth Wallet.

You can find the total MIB Coins at 'Dashboard' menu after logging into our website.

1 MIB coins are provided per each USD 0.15

It starts at 00:00, March 19, 2018 (UTC), and ends at 11:59:59, March 25, 2018 (UTC). However, it will be automatically terminated once the amount is exhausted.

it is paid in a USD 0.15 = 1 MIB ratio.

It is used to maintain and develop SBP (SmartX blockchain platform).

It is used for network development, maintenance, mobile apps, development of exchange support APIs and a third party wallet system, mining software, and marketing costs to enable our partners to participate in our ecosystem.

Minors are not allowed. In addition, those who want to participate must ensure that they are eligible in their legal jurisdiction of residency. (Regulating residents of the United States and China can be excluded in advance since they cannot participate. Although you are not a resident of these two countries, you must ensure whether there are restrictions in your country or state where you reside.)

The value of MIB Coin is determined by economic principles of market.

We set up the head office in Singapore because it has a development environment and a stable infrastructure that we are seeking in setting up a company related to cryptocurrencies.